“There’s no grass anywhere!” she said.

“There’s no grass anywhere!” she said.

Hi, my name is Big Mick, I run the office for Ecofarm Aotearoa in Paeroa. I received a call from a lovely lady in Otorohanga in mid February, and her first words were, “Mick, There’s no grass anywhere!” – Oh damn, not good.

“Ok, what do you mean ‘there’s no grass anywhere’? Brilliant response I thought, under the circumstances (we’re in shock, brains still not in gear).

“There’s no grass anywhere... except on our place. I just thought I’d call and let you know that we are ecstatic with the results”. Whew!

Alison went on to say...
“It's been a while since we had plenty of cover through summer when it is this dry! Yes, we did the sand treatment, followed with the recommended fertiliser. We have also noticed a reduction in our thistle problem. (It is difficult when you have a neighbor growing trees and not wanting to spray his ACRES of nodding thistles!) However, over all, we are hoping for a bumper crop of lambs this year as the ewes are in excellent condition compared to last year. All our other stock are looking pretty amazing as well.”

Alison D - Otorohanga

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