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  • Book - An Ecofarmer's Discover
    Ewan Campbell is an award-winning farmer, researcher, patent holder, author and certified Brookside Soil Consultant. He has been featured in Cuisine Magazine for innovation and excellence in meat products and was a winner in the Carter Holt Harvey Food Quality awards (Meat, Fish and Poultry Section).

    Over the last 30 years, Ewan has helped literally hundreds of people bring substantial changes to the quality of their farms. As a lifetime farmer, his amazing powers of observation and endless research have revealed the fact that soil biology has suffered an enormous amount of damage. Farmers have been on a path of dependency on soluble nutrient farming that suits only the fertiliser sellers. This book tells the story of Ewan’s remarkable journey and the results of his research, which give farmers all the tools they need to restore the natural function of the soil.
    NZ$ 29.95 Each
  • Cell Minerals

    The foundation of life is based on a reservoir of minerals. Minerals are essential to the function of your body and having the right amount, in a proper balance, brings cellular health. This means healthy, happy cells and a healthy, happy you!

    NZ$ 100.00 Each
  • Ecofarm Garden Blend

    Coming Soon !!!

    Designed to bring soils back to their productive capacity, the Ecofarm Aotearoa Garden Concentrate is a complete, full-spectrum blend of natural products that contain all the essential cell salts, minerals, cyanobacteria and trace minerals that nature requires for optimum function. It will benefit all soil-grown food, orchard trees, vines and ornamentals.

  • Guardian Rocks

    As the number of electronic devices used in our daily life increases, the absorption and grounding potential of our Guardian Rocks is proving to be incredibly important for the maintenance of a healthy home and environment.

    NZ$ 100.00 Box
  • Vitus Mineral Lick - 25KG Bag / 1 Tonne

    Vitus was designed to amend mineral deficiencies in the diet of animals whilst pasture/mineral ratios, along with trace elements, are bought into balance.

    Available now: Contact us for details below
    Bulk supply and/or 25kg Bags

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