• Book - An Ecofarmer's Discovery
    Ewan Campbell is an award-winning farmer, researcher, patent holder, author and certified Brookside Soil Consultant. His amazing powers of observation and endless research have revealed the fact that soil biology has suffered an enormous amount of damage. Farmers have been on a path of dependency on soluble nutrient farming that suits only the fertiliser sellers. This book tells the story of Ewan’s remarkable journey and the results of his research, which give farmers all the tools they need to restore the natural function of the soil.
    NZ$ 35.00 Each
  • I Couldn't Buy One
    Written by Ewan's father, Malcolm Campbell.
    A story of observation and innovation.
    This is a history of land development on, at the time, a relatively unknown land and soil type, where the only apparent favourable features were that the terrain was flat and not subject to widespread flooding. The other not so desirable feature was that the natural pH of the soil of 4, with some readings as low as 3.8, meant the soil was very acidic and not at all suitable for pasture. The soil surface had a very low bearing capacity, being unsuitable for traction of anything but the lightest of machines.
    NZ$ 73.00 each
  • Us & Them
    How the government is wrecking the environment and blaming us for the wreckage.
    Written by Malcolm Campbell.

    The State has set up a very large number of agencies, charged with improving our lives by looking after our collective wellbeing. Millions, if not billions, are spent by these agencies in the fields of health, safety, commerce, the environment, education and more.
    NZ$ 59.80 each
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