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  • How Ewan Campbell started out in farming and through observation and science and short pockets has developed an incredible fertiliser system for use in agriculture, using the electromagnetic potential of the earth and nature.
    Posted: 30/11/2023
  • Its Autumn here in New Zealand and we are currently doing a road trip round the South Island catching up with existing customers along with meeting lots of new ones.

    The demand for Ecofarm Soil tests has increased considerably over the past year so here's a video showing you exactly what we do and how we collect a sample.
    Posted: 4/5/2022
  • Check out our latest video (March 2022 - Mid Autumn in NZ

    Even after a period of little rain the farm is looking great and the carbon is still incresaeing...
    Posted: 22/3/2022
  • I had the pleasure of catching up with "Regen Ray" from farming secrets to discuss the ins and outs of the secrets we have learned over the past few years. Including the ability to increase electricity in the soil and its effects on biology nutrient uptake and production
    Posted: 29/9/2021
  • This video is a real gem. Its is by Dr Zach Bush (bio below). In the video you will hear the amazing correlation between what we as farmers put on the soil and the health of the people. This video is very complimentary to the information available in our book "An Ecofarmers Discovery"
    Posted: 28/9/2021
  • Most farmers supplement their animals with various major and trace elements through many mechanisms. These supplements are designed to take the place of elements that are lacking in pasture to aid in getting the best animal health and growth rates when the animals are in a state of mineral deficit. Identifying the deficits is achieved by blood testing, liver biopsy and herbage analysis. All these tests have value, but the herbage test probably has the most in the sense that the animal is the result of whatever it is eating. Mineral deficits in the feed results in mineral deficits in the animal.
    Posted: 8/6/2021
  •   We are heading out of summer into the autumn and as farmers our minds turn to fertiliser, drying the cows off, saving pasture and a myriad of other jobs which are all pretty much in line with getting the best of this season but really focusing on next season.Often we are side tracked by
    Posted: 2/3/2021
  • Info about Carbon Soil Testing
    Posted: 22/4/2020
  • Ocean water has a pH of over 8.0 and in that environment aluminium forms hydroxides.  These hydroxides are relatively inactive. This process is demonstrated when a bright new aluminium boat is placed into ocean water. The aluminium surface reacts to produce hydroxides and oxides which form a protective layer on the hull. Aluminium, in soils
    Posted: 15/4/2020
  • Silicon is not listed as an essential plant nutrient; the question I have to ask is; WHY? When we investigate this element we find a wide range of information including cereal and rice crop trial data that demonstrates silicon’s influence on increased yields and disease resistance, silicon’s influence on nutrient transport and so on. The
    Posted: 15/4/2020
  • I’m going to tell a story, one that I hope you read to the end as, no matter what you’re doing now in whatever job – retired, at school whatever, this story affects you every day and it’s one that can have a happy ending for all of us.   Back in the 70’s and
    Posted: 31/3/2020
  • Silica: One of the most misunderstood elements in agriculture. Silica otherwise known as Silicon dioxide (Si02) makes up 59% of the earth’s crust and is the main constituent of more than 95% of known rocks. In agriculture there has been much recent research into Silica and Silicic Acid and their effects in plant production. My
    Posted: 30/3/2020
  • A colleague reminded me of an article Charles Walters wrote about Silica and the Ocean back in June 2007.  When I read it I had to agree with so much of what he had written but it also raised many more questions. One of the many mysteries with Silica are its diverse properties and those
    Posted: 30/3/2020
  • Bulk density and total soil organic carbon tests are part of the specification of our soil testing protocol. Our testing protocol is designed to meet the requirements for baseline soil organic carbon testing. This protocol maps, measures and calculates the total soil organic carbon in the soil. This information is reported on our Soil organic
    Posted: 9/3/2020
  • Don't be constrained by your own thinking. Itching to find unrecognised opportunities
    Posted: 18/7/2018
  • Be the most "out there" farmer willing to push as food producers Dont be normal
    Posted: 18/7/2018
  • Do these products and services impact on each other agricultural business farming systems
    Posted: 18/7/2018
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