Ecofarm Blog: April 2020

  • Info about Carbon Soil Testing
    Posted: 22/4/2020
  • Ocean water has a pH of over 8.0 and in that environment aluminium forms hydroxides.  These hydroxides are relatively inactive. This process is demonstrated when a bright new aluminium boat is placed into ocean water. The aluminium surface reacts to produce hydroxides and oxides which form a protective layer on the hull. Aluminium, in soils
    Posted: 15/4/2020
  • Silicon is not listed as an essential plant nutrient; the question I have to ask is; WHY? When we investigate this element we find a wide range of information including cereal and rice crop trial data that demonstrates silicon’s influence on increased yields and disease resistance, silicon’s influence on nutrient transport and so on. The
    Posted: 15/4/2020
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