Soil Biology

This series of videos walks you through the REAL fundamentals of soil biology, including;

  • “REAL” soil testing and why
  • carbon testing
  • cyanobacteria and its vital importance to all forms of farm life
  • organic matter
  • soil temperature & ammonia
  • and so much more

Why Soil Test

Electricity In The Soil

This series of videos explains how we can measure the electricity in the soil, plants and trees. This includes;

  • the effects of electricity in agriculture
  • the corresponding magnetic fields that exist on our lands
  • how I discovered this phenomenal function with a fish bin and kelp
  • understanding how our soil is a solar panel
  • the importance of silica in the whole picture and how this is effected by UV light
  • the susceptibility of cations to be moved through electrical current and its importance relating to farm nutrients

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