Cell Minerals - (Liquid Only)

Cell Minerals - (Liquid Only)

Essential inorganic minerals salts obtained from nature - liquid only
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The human body is a marvellous system that works in harmony – until it starts to lack something.  It will then react in a certain way to let you know that something is missing or there is something it doesn’t like. Mineral salts help your body to function perfectly.

“The cell minerals originate from the ocean and earth. Seawater is the same composition as human blood as it contains the 64 subatomic particles and minerals required to complete the genetic sequence, and the 12 essential mineral salts for cellular function.  Naturally harvested from deep Southern ocean sources, we have kept the salts in the same natural form as in the ocean, and have concentrated them for our own consumption.  (90% of the salt that we know of as table salt, is extracted during harvest). We have added humates and natural plant silica to optimally complement the biological function of the seawater.”  Ewan Campbell

What is a mineral salt?

Not to be confused with table salt, mineral salts appear as a precipitates, ionised particles or are associated with another molecule.
As a precipitate (a hard structure), they protect, and also perform regulatory functions. As an ionised mineral, in water they become either positively or negatively charged. This assists in homeostatic processes within the body – pH changes for example. When linked to another molecule, they allow that molecule to perform a specific function that it couldn’t do on its own.

Obtained from nature, Ecofarm Cell Minerals are comprised of all the inorganic minerals salts that are essential nutrients for ALL living cells. Not only people, but animals, plants, and soil need these in their healthy store of building blocks within their body and structure.

What does a mineral salt do?

The mineral salts are fundamental keys to a pathway of health. From assisting vitamin absorption, to maintaining the integrity of our skin and blood, along with many other biological and biochemical processes that occur within us. Anything that involves growth, maintenance and health of the body. The main job of the mineral salt is to make certain chemical processes possible, as well as forming some of the structures that your body needs – tissue, hormones and the regulation of certain organic functions.

Cellular metabolism relies on the presence of minerals that come from the food that we eat. However, the mineral content of our food is generally substandard, meaning that our body does the best it can on the reserves that it has, but struggles to work at an optimal level.

For ideal body function and ideal health, we must have these major minerals: sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, sulphur, cobalt and chlorine. These are the material basis of the organs and tissues of the body. Having these minerals circulating in the fluid of our body is essential for the integrity of the structure and functional activity of the cells that make up these organs and tissues, ensuring healthy growth and perpetual renewal. 

Whether you are wanting to heal a problem in your body, or you are wishing to maintain and assist it at an optimal level, supplementing your diet with Ecofarm Cell Minerals will ensure that you have nutrient stores for your body to utilise, any time that it needs them.

In keeping with the deep ethos of Ecofarm, Cell Minerals can also be given to your pets and plants, and at a much larger scale, be used by farmers and agriculturalists. Any food product with an Ecofarm badge indicates that it has been grown with a premium level of nutrition.

“The tissue salts are the essential nutrition of plants as well, and what we have to look at is the form that these salts are in and the particular function that they perform”.  

Ewan Campbell

 “You can trace every sickness, every disease, every ailment to a mineral deficiency”
Dr Linus Pauling

Why would I take Ecofarm Mineral Salts?

  • The quality of our health is directly proportionate to the quality of our cells.
  • Health is serious – it isn’t a trend or something that we cross our fingers about and then ignore. Ecofarm Mineral Salts specifically support wellness, supported by the power of nature.
  • Your health is your responsibility. By taking the building blocks every day, you are supporting your body to be the best that it can be.
  • We are grateful to our loyal customers who have been enjoying improved general health.



Since taking Ecofarm Cell Minerals four months ago, I have noticed a remarkable effect on my skin. It is smoother and, to my delight, now tans! So this year, for the first time ever, I have not burnt and peeled when I got caught in the sun.  Instead, I have tanned to a lovely even, summery colour.

Paula, Mt Maunganui
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