Custom Fertiliser Blends

Custom Fertiliser Blends

Customised mineral and conditioning fertiliser blends designed
to bring soils back life

We create complete, full-spectrum blends using natural products that work synergistically together. Our blends contain all the essential cell salts, minerals, cyanobacteria, fungal innoculums, available silicas and trace minerals that nature requires for optimum function.

Every farm has different needs and limiting factors. Your farm is unique and so will your Ecofarm soil remedy. Pricing will reflect your soil's needs, farming objectives and budget consideration.


We are AsureQuality certified for Organic Custom Blends.

For nature to function without impedance, a blend of physics and chemistry combined with biology is required. These requirements are represented in our custom blends as follows:  


Probitas soil conditioner is incorporated into our custom blends to facilitate the revival of the soil's natural electrical and magnetic production. This is important because, in a lot of cases, natural soil energy is inefficient due to past farming practices that have damaged silica’s ability to hold and amplify energy.


Our custom blends contain calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, silica, and sulphate sulphur.  All are vital for effective photosynthesis to provide the energy that soil biology requires to recycle nutrients and create soil organic carbon. Trace minerals are included where necessary.


Our inoculum product includes cyanobacteria, nature’s most effective nitrogen sequester and absorber of carbon; Vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhiza (VAM), a regulator of soil water and the provider of the components for solubilising soil minerals and transporting those minerals to the plant as well as other digesting and detoxifying fungal species.

Customised Mineral and Conditioning Fertiliser Blends

Our fertiliser blends are unique to your soil test results. Our code-cracking analysis will diagnose what the limiting factors are in your soil that will elevate your farming and growing experience. Your unique Ecofarm fertiliser blend is customised to address deficiencies and/or excesses that are reported in your soil test and pasture test results. 

This is where the magic of your management and our analysis and insights meet to correct the biological function and energy systems of your farming operation. Unlocking your soil's potential enabling you to achieve faster, smarter, healthier production AND make a significant impact on your bottom line!

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