Us & Them

Us & Them

How the government is wrecking the environment and blaming us for the wreckage.
Written by Malcolm Campbell.

The State has set up a very large number of agencies, charged with improving our lives by looking after our collective wellbeing. Millions, if not billions, are spent by these agencies in the fields of health, safety, commerce, the environment, education and more.

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In spite of all of this expenditure by the State, the request for more funds is endless. Another long list of charitable organisations exist largely off donated cash and the leaflets requesting more money are constantly streaming out in the post.  

The State has also placed limitations on the aspirations of the individual, who aimed to progress in life and at the same time collectively increase the wealth and prosperity of his or her family, indeed the entire wider community. The Resource Management Act has severely restricted investment except in bureaucratic growth and has done nothing for the environment which is in worse condition now than ever before. Order a copy of this book to find out why.

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