Chook Sand

Chook Sand

Valuable source of silica and grit for robust eggshells!
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Why silica? Because of a little known science called biological transmutation.

The Chook Sand is a grit that contains silica. As the chicken also consumes carbon as well, she then has silica + carbon = calcium.

Here is an explanation from Ewan’s book ‘An Ecofarmer’s Discovery’:

Take the weight of the chicken. Calculate its calcium component, then monitor its calcium intake and output. Most of the hen’s calcium output is in the egg shell.  Here is the puzzle. The amount of calcium produced by the chicken far outweighs the amount that she consumes. The chicken convers the deficit by converting silica and carbon to calcium through biological transmutation.

It is an alchemy that your chickens are very good at – but first they need the correct ingredients in order to make those egg shells hard.

So if you are looking for the best nutrition for your chickens, providing them with Chook Sand will go a long way to doing that.

Paula did an experiment: She took away all mussel grit and sand for 6 hours. Then gave it back to the chickens having weighed what was in the container. 2 hours later she weighed each container again. 

……….Six chickens had eaten 5g mussel grit and 62g Chook Sand.

Chickens are able to self select according to their needs and it is clear that they prefer the Chook Sand to the more commonly provided options in order to provide themselves with the starting elements for not only the shells of the eggs, but their own skeletal frame and cellular strength.

Providing Chook Sand gives them better nutrition.

15kg will arrive to you in a handy square lidded bucket with a handle.

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