Our Experience is Your Pathway to Regenerative Farming

From remedial to regenerative and volcanic to organic, our experience spans industries from dairying to deer, avocados to alpacas, grapes to steaks and tortured orchards.  From one hectare to hundreds of hectares. 

We have Food, Farming and Freshwater covered. 

If your turning point is the desire to be less reliant on the use of chemicals and NPKS fertilisers and you recognise that biologically active soils have a huge influence on the function of your farming operation, then you're in the right place!

The definitions of regenerative farming is ever increasing, expansive and subjective.

But the bottom line is - it all comes down to soil health!

We encompass every expression of regenerative farming and through our programme you will achieve successful ecological farming outcomes. Quality production shouldn't cost the earth when you have quality earth! 

The soil is incredible in it’s ability to balance itself and it is for this reason that choosing to work with us means the sustainable and regenerative principals are well covered.

We solve problems that result in you saving money and time:

  • Reduce or stop the reliance and use of chemical and NPKS fertilisers
  • Increase pasture and soil biodiversity, naturally 

  • Reduce or eliminate the need for pasture renovation

  • Increase stock holding capacity, naturally

  • Reduced animal health and reproduction interventions 

  • Increase milk production and liveweight gains    

  • Reduce reliance on crops and bought-in feed 

  • Improve resilience to weather events 

  • Increase soil aeration and reduce compaction

  • Keep nutrients on your farm and not in the drains and ground water
  • Increased growth rates through improved feed conversion 

  • Reduce pest and weed prevalence 

  • Farm deeper not wider by growing carbon (and possibly in the future, selling carbon) 

  • Convert energy and consume less energy - less time in the tractor because 'diesel doesn't grow grass' 

  • Reduce cost/ha and improve profit/ha 

  • Improve crop quality and yield 

  • Stop being so busy and increase spare time

A win:win for the land, the environment, our food chain, farmer and all of society.

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