Successful farms grow the greatest soil on earth

Your soil should always be your biggest priority because it’s your greatest asset.

Better soil nutrition leads to better animal and crop health and better nutrition for us.

We created the Ecofarm system of soil health that is dedicated to restoring and elevating the love farmers and growers have for their land.

We have a toolbox of proven techniques, strategies and tools that we use to quickly set you on the path to farming forward. 
We show you how to observe nature’s clues and work through the rewards of deciphering them.

We will show you how to produce food that is fit for purpose that does not impact the environment, yet enhances it
- working with evidence, testing and confirmation.

We are on a mission to get farms, vineyards and orchards back on track to the production of abundance and to
restoring the environment.  To producing food consumers can have faith in again.

We teach you what we know works, because we’ve done it…. repeatedly with our clients.

Let us show you how

We serve and support farms across the country distributing customised
fertiliser blends from 3 main depots

North Island

South Island

South Island

Our Services - Our Products

The essence of true productivity is the ability to turn the sun’s energy into energy products. 

Good farmers will always be converters of energy rather than consumers of energy.

When we understand this, we can look at our soils and our health in a very different way.

Soil Nutrition and Management Programmes

Want to create more biologically active soils that are able to sustain higher production at lower cost and less work? Our foundational approach to producing healthy productive soils starts with a thorough analysis of your soils “assets”. This is where we identify and rectify any potential roadblocks to your success

Animal Nutrition and Supplements

We are committed to fast tracking your stock performance.  Optimise animal performance by providing nutritionally supportive minerals that are deigned to provisionally amend mineral deficiencies in the diet of animals whilst pasture mineral ratios, and trace elements, are bought into balance.

For You - Nourishing your home and garden

We believe what’s good for the soil is what’s good for us.  How we support the performance of our homes and our bodies - how we feel, think and act comes down to how we nourish ourselves and everything we do. Here’s what we do to support our internal and external environment.


We can share key observation skills, knowledge and learning's we have gained over many years to improve your farming results. 

We have a depth and breadth of experience from not only our own farming experience but from those we have a working relationship and friendship with over many years. 

Their success is our success.

About Ecofarm

Ecofarm evolved because farmers were seeing our results and wanted to put into practice on their own farms what was happening on ours.

No matter where your starting point is, we specialise in taking farms and orchards from good to Great!

Ecofarm is unique in that we have become code-crackers to some complex soil-‘safes’ that hold a lifetime (or two) of soil mineral riches.

This bank of resources is a store of nutrients that is the most misunderstood and misrepresented part of soil science.

We are all about helping you gain access to these resources to get the advantage your farm needs to succeed.

Find out where we've come from and how we can help improve your farming results too.

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Now Is The Time To Unlock Your Soil's Potential

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