How we got here...

As farmers, we know our land, our pastures, our animals and the costs and our production better than anyone. 

However, our current day farming practices have dulled the senses to the subtle and not so subtle signals the land and animals are sending. 

It’s often not until the bank balance starts sounding its alarm that farmers start to sit up and take notice.
If like me, you had the bank balance alarm blaring at the start of your farming journey, you didn’t have the opportunity to make a small fortune in farming by starting with a large one.

Most of my experiences came about while looking for answers to the causes of problems, and being wise enough to not utilise modern farming industry methods that deal only with symptoms. 

What became clear early on in my farming journey is that farmers have been put on a path of dependency on soluble nutrient farming and a continual weed and pest spraying programme that suits only the fertiliser and chemical sellers.

Our farm is our laboratory and testing ground

We farm Angus beef in Waihi, Bay of Plenty. Our farm model is naturally regenerative and organic. 

We have been farming this way profitably, for many years now and we have greatly increased productivity in the animals and reduced costs to a fraction of those who farm using conventional methods and inputs. And we make farming easy and enjoyable.

It is important to us that we demonstrate that we do in fact walk the talk.

Together with my partner Paula, we regularly open our farm and kitchen table up to visitors for those that need confirmation and for the skeptics - seeing is believing. 

We are proud of our farming system and our farming lifestyle, our achievements and success.

Our soil restorative programme and fertiliser blends are customised specifically for each particular farm, orchard or lifestyle block, organic or not. Our soil management and nutrition system transfers into quality production with far less animal health
and crop disease issues.

Ecofarm is the home of Probitas - a special part of our blended fertilisers that stimulates and magnifies the electrical activity
of the Earth and biology. This is a keystone in all our soil management programmes and is what takes soil health to the next level! 

Have I made mistakes along the way? Sure I have, but take this advantage to learn how I made the mistakes
so that you don't have to. 

Read about my journey into soil health and how you can do it too.

An Ecofarmer's Discovery

How the soil really works

Within the pages of this book about how the soil really works, you will find proven, repeatable farming solutions that are quietly revolutionising the global farming and horticulture industry. 

This book also documents the issues, discoveries, solutions and reasons for the farming dilemmas of today in easy-to-understand language, how these dilemmas can affect your daily farming operations, and how specifically blended fertiliser solutions can improve all aspects of farming.

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