Farm Environmental Plans & Nutrient Budgets

Farm Environmental Plans

We believe that only data derived from soil testing samples that are collected from the farm accurately represent that farm's negative or positive influence on the environment. 

It is critical to know what is really happening on your farm, so only the test results from soil and groundwater runoff samples collected from your farm should be included in any farm environment document. If issues are identified by testing in this manner, they can be remedied with fertiliser and management changes. We believe that the correct role of any farm environmental plan is to confirm that maximum production is being obtained without causing environmental damage.

The information produced from our testing protocols can include total held soil nutrients, available soil nutrients, soil organic carbon testing and groundwater runoff testing. When incorporated into our farm mapping tool, these results can create cost-effective farm environment plans and nutrient budgets.

These plans meet all the requirements of any regulatory authority farm environment plan and / or nutrient budget, and they are truly farm specific.

We believe that farm environment plans that include data produced by online nutrient budgeting software modelling tools are imprecise and the data is unreliable. Our farm specific testing is showing that healthy soils with good soil organic carbon levels lead to clean water.

Nutrient Budgets

We collect information on nutrients applied to client’s land via our order / quote sheet. This data can be utilised to build a nutrient budget. Our nutrient budget also contains data on the nutrients that are exported in product, farm effective area, effluent area, if applicable and stock carried.  

This information is not based on modelling and is specific to the farm. This is reported on our nutrient budget format and is accepted by auditors at dairy shed inspections.

Farm Environment Plan, Farm Nutrient Budget

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