Our Framework
to your soil and farm health

When we identify we are a good match and we choose to work together, we will fast track your path to farm health and wealth.

Building soil health and wealth come down to the knowledge and ability to identify deficiencies, excesses and limitations that impede the turning of the sun’s energy into energy products.

We go beyond looking at pH and Olsen P. We don't do 'rinse and repeat' recommendations and you won't get 'more-on'
theories to production.

Instead, you'll enjoy a targeted 'less is more' model and get connected to the links and clues that nature provides and draw deeper down into your soil bank account than you've ever done before.

Our tools, techniques and strategies start with foundational soil tests and a thorough analysis of your soils 'assets'. 
This is where the code cracking starts, identifying the keys you need to unlock the bank of
resources you never knew you were sitting on.

Get Started Now!

How we work with you


1. Establish what's in the soil bank account
We start by identifying what resources your soil holds in it's long term deposit account and it's current account.
Term deposit account: Determines the total amount of nutrients in the soil (much like a mining assay)
Current account: Determines what portion of the total nutrients are available to the crop or pasture you are growing.

question_answer 2. Analysis and planning
The current account and the term deposit account test results are assessed and compared in conjunction with on-farm observation.
We then create a plan that best suits your goals, your farm and budget.

3. Soil amendments
A once-a-year application specific to your farm that incorporates sea minerals, trace elements, biology, fungal species, humates and silicas.
That means No starter fertilisers, No side dressings, No following the cows with urea.

4. Transition and confirmation
We use herbage and soil nitrogen testing to guide and support you throughout the programme. Proof and confirmation that we are tapping into your soil's bank account and avoids counterintuitive knee-jerk reactions and unnecessary spending.

5. Observation
Now we sit tight and watch the farm/orchard respond. Here we learn to take notice and observe how your farm/orchard and soil evolves and comes to life.
We can feel the farm getting stronger and use kinesiology for fun to show you this.

6. Get out of the way!
Nature doesn't expect you to have it all figured out, it expects you to trust that it already has!
The resistance to fiddle and interfere is tough. There is no need to feel guilty for not following the cows around, sitting on the tractor using diesel. Your job now is to embrace the change and listen to the subtle cues your farm is sending.

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