Soil Testing

We utilise two different types of soil tests and use the information to assess how to get the best value from what nutrient resources you already have, and what is needed to fill in any gaps along the way. 

The first soil test is a 15-element extractable test that reports the nutrients available to the plants you’re growing.  This soil test is similar to many soil tests available in agriculture today, but we are also testing for different forms of aluminium, trace elements, nitrate and ammonia which are incredibly important for understanding what’s going on in your soils.  

The second extraction is what is called a total soil test.  This soil test is a chemical melt in which the soil is completely dissolved and the constituent minerals of your soil are then tested for. This test reveals the total nutrients in the soil.  When the two tests are compared we can then diagnose what the limiting factors are. 

These factors can include:
  • Aluminium toxicity that shuts down soil biological activity.
  • Trace element levels below minimum requirements for healthy soil function.
  • Lack of biological activity from past farming practices.

In most situations we are finding that there are plenty of nutrients reported in the total test and it’s the biological function and energy systems that are limiting the productive capacity of the soil in question.

With continued testing over time we can accurately track the total nutrients, available nutrients, soil carbon and available nitrogen which takes away the guess work in your soil and environment management programs. Click the link below and book your soil test today!

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For smaller farms, and lifestyle blocks, it is more economical to take the soil test samples yourself and post them to us for results and analysis. We can provide a DIY kit with all the equipment and instructions you need.

Click here for further details about our DIY Soil Sample Kit

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