Paula Bygrave, Hakaru

Paula Bygrave, Hakaru

I read Ewan's book - An Ecofarmer's Discovery - then I contacted him and asked him to visit our farm. He and Paula came, took soil samples, and we applied the brew that was recommended.

After the fertiliser application worm casts soon started appearing, our pasture samples showed Mg and Ca were moving into the plants and our thistle population decreased.

We had reduced the herd from 600 to 480 cows and achieved the same production of 1000kgMS/Ha.

We use Vitus from Paeroa with our young stock - they devour it and the vet commented on how quiet, well grown and healthy they are.

For the spring season we noticed an improvement in the health of the cows with only one with sore feet, and no retained placentas.  They are cycling really well too now.

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