Customised Mineral and Soil Conditioner blends

Our soil testing program will diagnose what the limiting factors are in your soil.

When we have this information we can design a custom fertiliser mix that covers many different facets of the productive capacity of your soil. A custom fertiliser mix can include:

  • An inoculum of multiple fungal species that facilitate plant and animal waste decomposition and recycling and plant nutrient uptake.  
  • Cyanobacteria inoculation from ocean sourced minerals to increase nitrogen fixation, nutrient availability and soil carbon accumulation,
  • Marine derived forms of silica that react with sunlight to create electricity in the soil which stimulates biological activity and nutrient uptake
  • Hydrated forms of silica that can neutralise aluminium toxicity and increase plant silicon availability.
  • Trace elements for soil, plant and animal health.

Years of trials, testing and experience have allowed us to build these mixes into fertiliser blends that are suitable for both air and ground spreading. In the quantities we use in these fertiliser mixes, the materials are not antagonistic to each other and allow for easy and safe handling.

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