A Farming Secrets Podcast

A Farming Secrets Podcast

Who is Ewan Campbell?

Ewan is a Farmer researcher who discovered the ability to increase electricity in the soil and its effects on biology nutrient uptake and production.

Whilst growing up and farming on the peat land they were continually
challenging the boundaries of what was possible. There was no rule book
because very few had taken a peat swamp covered in scrub and turned it into a productive beef and sheep farm and then converted that to a dairy farm. 

When he started farming on his own account his efforts to find people who could explain what, why and how things work on the farm and its soils usually left him with just a blank look. He was not deterred and his continued investigations were not in vain because they led him to be trained in soil agronomy, animal nutrition and environmental management with Brookside Laboratories. This unique opportunity gave him the ability to test, measure and give meaning to what they observed on the farm. When this knowledge was combined with the study of research papers and books from agricultural experts in biology, chemistry and physics a picture developed of how soils function in a productive manner. He want to pass his knowledge and experiences on.

Posted: Wednesday 29 September 2021

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