Taking The Bull By The Horns - With Ewan Campbell

Taking The Bull By The Horns - With Ewan Campbell

National food awards, 10t/ha increases of soil carbon and nitrate levels now undetectable. These are results that’ll open your mind to what Coromandel drystock farmer Ewan Campbell has to say about his discoveries.

Ewan’s journey started with helping his dad turn a peat swamp into a farm. Right across the railway from top-in-the-country dairy land that he wished he had.

Moving to a drystock farm in Waihi with little in his pockets, Ewan started trialing alternatives. This included the un-tapped power of electromagnetism through the soil. This is definitely an episode that will charge your brain cells!

“The only reason I’ve learnt so much is that I’ve taken the bull by the horns. When things don’t work, I’ll take responsibility to find out and I just look at is as a magic opportunity to find out…it’s a cool place to be when you start to crack it.”

Posted: Thursday 30 November 2023

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