Integration of products and sevices

Integration of products and sevices

Integration of products and sevices

How many people that sell products or services do you deal with when running your agricultural business?

And the big question: How do these products and services impact on each other?

When you buy a motor vehicle there are many manufactures and suppliers that combine to create an integrated piece of machinery that has a particular brand name and model!

When the designers start they do not start from nothing because they already have last years model. They have worked out what faults they need to remove and what has worked really well.

So if they are worth their salt they will take what’s best and improve on it!

If they don’t do that they would have to start all over again.

What would that look like? We will never know because our experiences shape our future to a certain extent.

If that is true why have we, as farmers not taken all the really good parts of what we have learned and create a base where we could add in what could enhance what we already have.

That way our integration of what has worked for us can be tested and improved upon.

When something doesn’t work or has a detrimental effect you don’t do it again.

To be able to evolve from your “experience base” you really need to understand your own agricultural business from at least one meter under the surface right to the top of what you produce.

This is called “integration”

If I hadn’t taken that approach when I started farming, I would never have learned how much each part of our farming system impacts on the others.

And The Bottom Line.

You need to know which inputs have which results and what impacts on all parts of your operation.

You wouldn’t see the new car being delivered to be sold without an engine?

For an insight into a system where you can create predictable outcomes
Make the call to Ewan “Integrated” Campbell.

Posted: Wednesday 18 July 2018

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