Today’s Anomaly; Tomorrow’s normal

Today’s Anomaly; Tomorrow’s normal

Today’s Anomaly; Tomorrow’s normal

The Questions I ask: Are you really happy being normal?  “Are you happy producing the same as everyone else”?

“Have you had time to evaluate what that actually means”?

When you analyse the successful farmers, the ones that absolutely Crush It!  Guess what?

They couldn’t give a brass monkeys about what other people think!

They don’t give a rats arse about being normal!

They don’t care what industry standards and district averages are!

They only care about being better than they were yesterday!

They are the people that ask “left field” questions at fieldays. The questions that the industry presenters usually don’t know the answers to.

Well I know because every question above pertains to me!

My Normal is finding the cutting edge of what can be achieved. Whether it’s my own personal health, how the farm can operate better or how we can access markets willing to pay for genuine quality; not just a nice story.

We are our own authority. If you don’t recognise that then let me tell you that you are your own authority,

The question is: What are you currently doing and who do you work for?

As a farmer; if you can recognise yourself in the above questionnaire we should be talking as I’m interested in working with the best, most “out there” farmers willing to push themselves as food producers who really care about what they do.


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Posted: Wednesday 18 July 2018

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