Not Able to Use Most of My House Until Guardian Rocks Arrive

I have known for years (am now 75 years) that I'm exceptionally sensitive to several things, esp EMF.
One osteopath and one chiropractor who didn't know one another said to me that I was like a canary: viz the situation in England for the miners many years ago. Perhaps some of you know how the miners took a canary in a cage to give them an early alarm for dangerous gases. When the bird stopped singing and fell off its perch, lying there with its legs in the air, the miners left their work for above ground safety. 
This scenario makes me think of myself as an early detection system!! And I assume that something that affects me could alert others (if they knew) because it's no good for them too, only they don't pick it up.
So EMFs have been a problem for years, for me and it was getting worse. Acccordingly I haven't even gone the way of cell phones especially the smart ones. I can't bear to look at the screen. After about 2 seconds the stress is awful. I get a pain behind my eyes. When my husband had a tablet and said 'come and see this', sort of thing, 10 seconds was all I could bear. Yet he was OK and the screen lit up a dark room!
I no longer use a computer. Blue light glasses didn't fix it and my head would feel pressured (not exactly a headache). 
I now think these things affect my spinal stability, and I'm actually thinking now, that EMFs create inflamation in my body (perhaps mostly spine). I've been using White Willow Bark Tincture when my dowsing shows I need it, to help reduce the inflammation.
The other day I was out at a relative's house and didn't give smart meters a thought but after an hour my thinking was a bit slow and I felt hot and bothered (stressed).
I said 'do you have a smart meter?' and they said 'yes'. Next time I'll take a rock and hold it close.
So when we get the first (obligatory) smart meter I noticed they said one needed to be 2 meters away from it. Bad enought! But 2-3 weeks ago when I was out unfortunately the people installing an upgrade were given the go ahead to do so.
It was a few days before I worked it out that I wasn't feeling right. I dowsed and to my horror, this upgrade was something pretty strong. I needed to be 6 meters from it. (They hadn't said anything about that). 
That meant my whole lounge and dining area.
For a start, I went to eat in a bedroom and didn't sit in the lounge. One night I said 'bother it, I'm goping to eat in here!' That was about 3.5m away from the meter.
I sat down and in a few minutes, I got very hot and felt heady. 
So I fled to the bedroom.
I brought this up with my chiropracter and she had ideas about what to do.  But it was when talking to the receptionist I struck gold!
She had only just bought Guardian Rocks herself and gave me the details so I could phone. 
They arrived the next day and by dowsing I could tell they were clearing the EMFs from the appliances etc. I followed the instructions and am very happy!
Everything was fine! I can be anywhere in the house and no problem. Even 1 meter from the smart meter. 
The main conscious effect would be a feeling that the air is 'cool and fresh' almost like a peppermint effect. And I feel cooler and fresehr in the head.
It doesn't sound like much does it, when I say how I felt - like 'heady', 'pressure in head', 'stressed', 'hot and bothered' and 'slow thinking' but it is quite debilitating and noone else can feel it or identify with my strange discomfort. So people could easily think I'm a bit wacky. :(
Keep up the good work,
Linda Clarke

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