Lifestyle DIY Soil Sample Kit

Lifestyle DIY Soil Sample Kit

DIY Soil Testing Sample Kit for lifestyle properties

The Ecofarm DIY Sample Kit is designed for lifestyle property owners seeking to enhance soil quality. The kit includes equipment to collect soil samples for sending away for analysis at Brookside Labs in Ohio, USA. When these are returned we can then customise a recommendation to your property to improve plant and animal health by addressing the limiting factors in your soil as well as enhancing the benefits that lie beneath in your soil 'bank' of resources.
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The lifestyle block is as important as a big farm station for it has the ability to provide nutrition to many animals and people on that block as well as the joy of providing for oneself.

These days as people are turning to providing for themselves, family and friends and it makes sense to promote the best and fastest growth possible, combined with healthy, nutritious produce, be that in the livestock or in the plant. 

Your Soil Sample Kit

When you order your Ecofarm Aotearoa Lifestyle DIY Sample Kit we send you the whole kit and caboodle! If you follow the instructions carefully you can pull the plugs required using the provided probe, package them up and send them back to the office.

Once your samples get to the office they are prepared for a trip to Ohio, USA where Brookside Laboratories test them to the unique specifications required by Ecofarm Aotearoa. (The same tests that are required for farms too). 

It takes about 14-20 days to get the results back (depending on shipping).

See detailed instructions

Your Soil Sample Results

The results are then analysed and recommendations are made to create a customised blend for your lifestyle/life sustaining block.

When we know the starting base material of your soil we can identify:

  • The existing nutrient status of your soil and pasture.
  • Any excesses, deficiencies or imbalances.
  • The biological activity that may or may not be present already.

Interpreting and anaylsis your soil sample

But a word of 'warning'! The results that are emailed to you may not make sense to you.  There is no graph to show whether the soils are average, above or below. This is because there is no 'average' to compare with. 

We will need to talk you through the results so that you fully understand the limitations and benefits of your land.

The quality of your soil depends on so many factors. The results may show that you have loads of nutrient (and that is usually the case) but we must always ask 'why is that nutrient not available?'.  It's like a box of tissues - you have 99 tissues sitting in the box just waiting to be released but only 1 tissue is available at a time.  We therefore have to look at the factors that keep the nutrient locked up.  As biological activity increases, nutrient availability usually increases which will quite often create a cascade of events in the soil nutrient cycle.

This information has helped many lifestylers and farmers get a head start in remedying their soils thus growing resilient pastures and plants which in turn grow disease resistant animals and plant produce. Watch the vet bills reduce to zero. Notice the animals and plants thrive.

As you start the process of improving the soil quality and biology we suggest that you supplement your animals with Vitus Animal Lick.  As the soil improves, their consumption of Vitus reduces as they ‘self medicate’ and you get to a point where they don’t need it at all – the soil provides everything to the plant and they get the nutrient they need from that.

An Ecofarmer’s Discovery  is a book written by Ewan Campbell and it describes and explains the science and observations behind his blends that include Probitas and locally resourced materials, blended to a prescription that fits your lifestyle block. You may like to order this with your Kit.

Order your Ecofarm Aotearoa Lifestyle DIY Sample Kit today so you can get started in the process to grow faster and more nutritiously dense produce.

Please note: 

* The DIY test is for ONE set of tests.  If you wish to have separate tests done for different areas, there will be further costs incurred. 

* There will be spare bags in the kit for either different samples or if a disaster strikes with one of the bags.

* Please be VERY clear with the information you return to the office.

* If you want herbage tests done, these are picked up through your rural supplies.  They go to Hills Laboratories but you must specify on the form (included with the test), that you want Molybdenum, Cobalt, Selenium, Iodine and (Other) Nickel tested for. You can sent the results to us as they help to refine your blend supplied. The cost is paid to Hills Laboratories.

Order your DIY Sample Kit Today

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