Vitus - 1 Ton (Bulk Orders)

Vitus - 1 Ton (Bulk Orders)

Animal health supplement supporting mineral deficiencies
Vitus makes available a full range of Minerals in a bio-available form. Vitus mineral supplement suitable for all ruminants and poultry. Vitus allows animals to self amend to remedy mineral deficiencies in their daily feed.

Most farmers supplement their animals with various major and trace elements through many mechanisms. These supplements are designed to take the place of elements that are lacking in pasture, to ensure the animal is going to be in the best health possible during times of growth and reproduction. Mineral deficits results in challenges like grass staggers and milk fever.

Vitus is a blend of five ingredients designed to assist with making available a full range of minerals in a bio-available form. Three of these ingredients originate from the ocean. All ingredients are blended and bagged in their natural state, exclusively at the Paeroa plant.

As calcium and magnesium ratios, along with other trace elements, are brought into balance through ad-lib selection by the animal, excessive availability of elements such as potash are alleviated and the animal will spend less energy trying to metabolise through the unbalanced energy.  It therefore requires less grazing time to uptake it's energy requirements. 

Vitus is totally safe to use on pregnant animals and it also reduces overall animal stress. It delivers better overall health, better production, shinier coats, decreased mortality, reduced incidence of scours, decreased incidence of mastitis and helps with detoxifying heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, etc. The overall health and wellbeing of animals is greatly improved. Clients also comment that calves born to cows that have had access to Vitus are born in good health and are quickly up on their feet and suckling.

Farmer clients, using the product in lick troughs, have been able to completely stop drenching and pasture dusting for metabolic disorders on their dairy farms.  This is due to Vitus having a component of calcium and magnesium which also has a calming effect on animals as well – a welcome effect. 

Vitus ingredients include:

1.      Diatomaceous Earth

  • To bind toxins which are then expelled naturally, and then dealt with by the biology of the soil upon which they land.
  • To clean the digestive tract of the animal of internal parasites. Diatomaceous Earth makes a very effective and natural wormer for livestock.  Scientists believe that it is a de-ionizer (or de-energizer) of worms or parasites. 
  • To be effective, DE needs to be provided for long enough to catch all newly hatching stomach worm eggs and worms that enter the bloodstream through the stomach lining and cycle through the lungs and back to the stomach. A minimum of 60 days is suggested but 90 days is advised for lungworms.
  • The silica component is known to help dissuade insect pests as the animals transfer the material onto their coat by licking.
  • Diatomaceous Earth has no chemical toxicity to the animal or soil and parasites don't build up a tolerance or immunity either.  The manure of animals consuming Diatomaceous Earth does not harm earthworms.

(Clients that have started newly-arrived horses on Vitus have observed that within a short time these horses start expelling dead tape worms in their manure, even though they had been regularly drenched in their previous environment).

2.      Ocean Elements

  • Contains all twelve essential cell salts in their natural forms.
  • Contains all the minerals and trace minerals in their natural forms and ratios.
  • Are New Zealand sourced and sustainably harvested.

3.      Solar Salt

  • Contains a full range of major and minor trace elements.
  • Helps fulfil an animal’s requirement for sodium.
  • Is New Zealand sourced and sustainably harvested.

      (The salt attracts moisture which helps to keep the final product moist).

4.      Kelp Meal

  • Contains a wide range of dietary nutrients, including over 60 naturally-chelated minerals and essential elements that the kelp absorbs from the life-giving ocean waters. Other nutrients include vitamins, amino acids and carbohydrates.
  • Is a natural iodine source.
  • Harvested sustainably, and is OMRI listed

5.      Dolomite

  • A source of calcium and magnesium in the carbonate form.
  • Please note; ultimately soil calcium and magnesium levels will be corrected through amendments justified by soil testing.  Some animals may still require supplements from time to time.

Directions for use

Vitus should be offered ad-lib for free choice by the animal. Place into bins and leave in the paddock. Rain will not affect Vitus as animals tend to drink the rainwater that collects on top of the Vitus in the bins.

Vitus can be added to pelletised food.

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Organic certification
AsureQuality certification number 0532. 

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